Payment Status

Terminal statuses

A terminal status indicates that payment processing has finished and there will be no further status changes.

Non-terminal statuses

All other statuses indicate that the payment is still being processed, either by Crezco or the payer's bank. All non-terminal payments should be treated as 'in progress'. If a payer is unsure why their payment has not progressed further they should contact their bank.

Full descriptions


New: Payment has been created internally, authorisation has not been attempted

  • At this stage the payment exists on our system, but the user has not been redirected to their bank to authorise the payment.

Bank selection + authorisation

Cancelled: Payment / bank account selection process was cancelled by the user

  • The payment was actively cancelled by the user. This status is terminal and will require the creation of a new payment.

Failed: Bank account selection process failed for some reason (failed to get redirect URL, bank failed to authorise user, etc)

  • Failed captures a number of issues, depending on how they are reported by the bank. It may include failed login, or a technical issue between Crezco and the bank. This status is terminal and will require the creation of a new payment.

Denied: Bank denied the payment - it failed a technical validation check

  • Technical validation checks refer to the specifics of the payment data, such as currency, amount, recipient information, and reference formatting. This status is terminal and usually indicates that some detail of the payment must be changed in order to successfully retry the payment.

Post-bank selection + authorisation

Authorised: User completed bank account selection and authorised the transaction. Bank has not yet processed the request

  • At this stage the user has successfully logged in and accepted the payment. No further processing has yet taken place.

Accepted: Payment accepted but funds have not yet transferred

  • The payment has passed the neccessary checks with the bank, and should be processed shortly. This is not a terminal status and, whilst very unlikely, there is still a small chance that a payment may be blocked or declined.

Blocked: Payment accepted by Bank, but awaiting further authorisations (multi-auth, or other approval flows)

  • This most often related to an account which requires multiple authorisations, such as a joint account, before the payment can progress further. If the payer is unsure why a payment has been blocked, or how to proceed further, they should contact their bank.

Declined: Bank declined the payment

  • Banks can decline a payment at any stage prior to transferring funds, but usually this will occur immediately after authorisation by the user. This status is terminal and will require the creation of a new payment.

Completed: Payment completed, funds transferred

  • The bank has indicated that funds have left the payer's account and will be delivered to the payee.


Error: Something went wrong outside of the normal flow

  • Any issues that occur outside of the expected payment workflow are captured here. This will include any transient downstream errors. This status is terminal and will require the creation of a new payment.