Quick start guide for how to collect payments

Quick start


Crezco Partner Platform is a complete solution that allows accounting and bill payment systems, online marketplaces, and other commerce platforms to provide their participants - merchants, sellers, accountants, business owners - with safe capabilities to receive payments.

All the payments are made directly from the payer bank account into merchant's existing bank account using instant interbank payment networks - Faster Payments in the UK and SEPA in the EU.

There is no need to design and implement complex user interfaces for taking payments. All it takes is allowing the payer to scan a QR code or click on a URL and completing payment through their own banking app.

You receive notification of payment completion in real time.

Steps to collect your first payment

  1. Register for API Keys Crezco will provide an app id and secret to use for the api.
  2. Configuring webhooks Get status updates on payment requests.
  3. Onboard your users Get your users set up and enable them to complete the KYB process which will allow them to accept payments.
  4. Create a pay demand Pay demands are a way of issuing a request for someone to pay an onboarded user using their bank account.

Crezco onboarding

This is a one-time process which involves signing a Partnership Agreement with Crezco, followed by issuance of access keys for both Sandbox and Production environments.

Once your Partnership Agreement has been finalised, you can start collecting domestic payments for as little as 30p per transaction.


Sandbox Keys

To obtain the Sandbox or Production API keys or for support go to Crezco support portal or e-mail [email protected].

Configuring webhooks

You can use webhooks to subscribe to updates for your users payment requests, this helps to obtain payment statuses in an efficient manner.

Onboard your users

Your platform users must have Crezco onboarding performed for them, which will enable them to receive open banking payments via Crezco.

During onboarding, Crezco performs identity validation and associates users with your platform.

All pay demands when created will be associated with a particular user, who can be thought of as a beneficiary of the payments.

Onboarding process

To onboard, your user clicks a sign-up link on your website which redirects them to Crezco's web site to log in to or sign up for a Crezco account and to grant you permissions to initiate payment demands on their behalf.

During onboarding process your users will securely identify their existing bank account into which future payments will be made.


  1. Platform redirects their user to Crezco app
  2. User is redirected to their selected bank
  3. Crezco securely collects bank account details for future payments
  4. User is returned to platform with Crezco onboarding completed

Accept payments

Create Pay Demand

Pay demand is a representation of an invoice, a bill or a charge that needs to be paid. It contains instructions of the amount that needs to be paid, any reference (description or purpose) of the payment, as well as details of the beneficiary's bank account.

Every pay demand, when created, is associated with a specific user.

In order to create a pay demand, use POST on /users/{userId}/pay-demands endpoint.

Typical call looks like this:

  "request":  {
  "useDefaultBeneficiaryAccount":  true,
  "reference":  "Shipment 12345Z308",
  "dueDate":  "2021-08-24",
  "currency":  "GBP",
  "amount":  "176.53"
  "idempotencyId":  "141dc9b4-5521-4402-9778-4c43ae4e385d"

Display payment screen to the payer

Each pay demand has unique identifier and unique URL associated with it. Both are returned as part of the pay demand creation call.

You may redirect payer to this URL online. Alternatively, this URL may be embedded in a QR code, which could be e-mailed to the user, printed on the invoice, or displayed on screen.

Payment is made

End-user scans a QR code on their mobile phone or follows URL in the browser.

They review payment and get automatically redirected to their bank app where they simply authorize pre-populated payment details.

Crezco notifies the platform partner

Once payment is completed, which normally takes a few seconds, Crezco uses a webhook to send a notification to the platform partner, containing all the details of the payment.

Custom integrations

In many cases simple notification may not be sufficient. In complex scenarios, such as accounting platforms, etc., tighter level of integration may be required.

We are open to collaboration with platforms.

Please go to Crezco support portal or e-mail [email protected] your specific needs.

Manage your platform

Crezco keeps full records of all pay demands and associated payments

We are currently finishing a platform dashboard specifically designed for platform partners, where partners will be able to analyse all of this information in real time.